Venkovní ochrana TV při sledování televize venku.

Venkovní ochrana TV při sledování televize venku.

Sledování televizního vysílání venku je zábava. Pokud se rozhodnete sledovat televizi venku, je nutné chránit televizor nebo LED před sluncem, prachem, vodou a dalšími povětrnostními vlivy. Do vaší LED hodně investujete a nemůžete být nedbalí, pokud jde o její ochranu. Když sledujete televizi na otevřeném prostranství před pokojem, jsou spojena různá nebezpečí počasí.

Venkovní tv ochrana

Outdoor TV protection enclosure for your TVs.

Náš silný a odolný TV skříň je ochranný a snadno se používá. Obsluha je snadná a nemusíte se obávat odrazů, protože naše kryty jsou vyrobeny z antireflexní obrazovky. Zjistíte, že váš zážitek ze sledování televize se ani trochu nezmění ani poté, co necháte svůj televizor uvnitř nás outdoor TV skříň. It easy to operate this enclosure and mount your LED easily to the wall outside. It is steel that and power-coated from outside to make it strong and durable. The enclosures can operate in extreme conditions ranging from -20 to 60C.  No wonder of weatherproof protection enclosure as they can easily beat any extremities they encounter from the environment.

It is faster to install and much easier. You need not worry about adjusting TV inside this cabinet. It comes with an articulating mount that allows the adjustment of the height in the enclosure. It becomes easy because of its design and the TV adjustment has been made easy with already present mount inside. Whenever you feel like enjoying your favorite show in the sun outside you can feel free to do so.

Galvanized steel and stainless steel protection enclosure

The construction industry is mainly used for the manufacture of roof panels and roof lattices for industrial and consumer buildings for rust prevention. For the manufacture of electrical protection enclosures, light industry. Livestock fishery and fishery are mainly used for cereal storage, frozen processing tools for meat and fishery products. It is used as material storage, packaging and so on.

Nerezová outdoor TV protection enclosure refers to the corrosion of air, steam, water, and other weakly corrosive media, as well as acids, alkalis, salts, and other chemically corrosive media of steel, also called stainless steel resistant steel .

Stainless steel enclosure is depending on the state of the structure. The corrosion resistance of stainless steel decreases with increasing carbon content.  Stainless steel is less susceptible to corrosion, pitting, corrosion or wear. It is one of the strongest materials used for construction. Since stainless steel has excellent corrosion resistance, it allows structural parts to permanently maintain engineering integrity. Chromium-containing stainless steel also combines mechanical strength and high expand ability, it is easy to process and meets the needs of architects and structural designers.

DeerTV can supply the customized outdoor TV enclosure according to your requirements, include the galvanized steel and stainless steel enclosure.

Venkovní TV Cabinet

Best suited to protect the TV.

As the protection enclosure is waterproof and IP 55 which provides complete protection for TV from all water / rain directions, no need to not worry about the water will damage the TVs.  The system protects from corrosion due to rain, humidity, condensation, dew, and the moisture from inside & outside but it is also allow the airflow for cooling and sound out.

It reduces the difficulty of obtaining the location and the installation cost within the landscape of the city center. You can use the old type TV install to it and does not need to buy a new outdoor TV that will help you save much money.

If you have a backyard with a common home TV, then the outdoor protection enclosure should be really helpful to ensure the safety of your TV. If you have a garden, or a outdoor bar, again you need to make full use of these enclosures.

Impressive lying in the shield and construction.

Not all enclosures offer the same level of security, but the best is to provide metal rooms and key locks to prevent theft, tampering and damage to your TV. From bugs digging holes or eating inside electronics to nesting on components, many creatures pose a threat to televisions placed outside. The  installation and technology is very simple,so there is no more after sales problem. For the TV, it is very easy to get the repair service from your local market.

outdoor TV stolek

Use the outdoor TV protection enclosure Create a relaxing outdoor living space at home

Bring the room out and buy a venkovní televize, and anyone can enjoy the outdoors all year round. Of course, electronics and outdoor elements don’t mix together. If you want to watch TV outdoors, the two main options for solving this problem. The TV protection enclosure allows you to watch, protect any TV in any environment for a fraction of the cost.

Outdoor TV protection enclosure are popular because they provide true total protection. While it suits for the cold, allowing airflow to reduce humidity, they simply cannot maintain the same cooling and heating levels inside the TV as the outer housing provides. In addition, it is popular in coastal areas because of its anti-salt water air corrosion resistance. Safe and Wildlife Protection Point sales focused.